Storage & Grading

On site at Castleton of Eassie, we have a total storage capacity of 6,000 tonnes of potatoes at any one time. Half of this can be held in ambient storage, with the other half being kept in our two cold stores. We offer long term storage on behalf of our supplying growers all the way through to June if required.

Our stores use a combination of roof fans, cross ventilation letter box systems and drying walls, to dry and cure the potatoes to maintain their peak condition for the coming season. We also have an Ozone generator installed in one of our cold stores to kill off bacteria and pathogens to improve the overall health of our stored potatoes.

We can grade up to 9,000 tonnes of potatoes annually using our Dijkstra grader, that can grade approximately 100 tonnes a day.

Other facilities include our palletising and bagging equipment which allows us to efficiently bag, seal and build pallets. This is a chargeable service that is available to our growers and customers alike.

Finally, the most important thing with potatoes in our store is the constant monitoring of them. We keep daily records of in store temperatures and humidity levels and check all stocks on a regular basis to prevent any problems arising.