Bioselect Organic Seed Potatoes       

Bioselect UK is the organic marketing arm of Agrico UK, specialising in the development and supply of organic seed potato varieties.

Through our breeding and research company 'Agrico Research BV' we make continuous efforts to develop new organic varieties that are healthier and stronger to meet the needs of growers, consumers and the potato industry. Working with six professional breeding companies and 35 private growers, dozens of varieties are trialled each year under organic conditions in trial fields throughout Europe. The strict selection process takes many years, but has resulted in a wide range of potato varieties that have the taste, disease resistance and field characteristics that the organic industry are looking for.

Bioselect UK offers.....

  • Agronomic support to organic seed potato growers
  • Production of high grade disease free input seed of all organic varieties for best results
  • Breeding new blight resistant varieties to help bring more reliability into organic potato production
  • Continuous trials work to introduce new organic varieties
  • Commitment to our customers, to support them in profitable potato production


Our organic varieties include...

Agrico Controlled Varieties

Alouette, Athlete, Carolus, Cosmos, Markies, Milva, Rudolph and Twinner

Free Varieties

Desiree, Marfona, Nicola, Maris Peer and Sante

Organic Ware

As well as supplying organic seed, we are also involved in trading organic ware potatoes.


Contact Details

For further information please visit alternatively contact Adam or Oliver for any organic seed and ware sales questions or enquiries.