Agrico UK Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Agrico Holland, a Dutch farmer cooperative of some 800 members producing in excess of 360,000 tonnes of seed potatoes per year. Agrico is a global company with offices in the UK, Sweden, Poland, Slovenia, Canada and France, and has extensive agency networks across the world.

As Europe's leading potato breeder, Agrico set up agency agreements in the mid 1970's to represent its extensive programme in the UK market.

Agrico products proved to be very popular, and as a result Agrico UK was established in 1986 to facilitate the increasing import of Dutch seed potatoes.

With the head office originally based at Ely in Cambridgeshire, in 1998 Agrico UK moved to its present day facilities at Castleton of Eassie in Scotland, which they purchased from seed company 'Nickerson'.

With the continuing success in the UK, and recognition of the ever changing global market requirements, this has led to a natural commitment to UK seed production.

About Agrico UK

‘Agrico UK Ltd’ is a specialist developer and supplier of high grade seed potatoes for pre-packers, processors, seed merchants and branded operations worldwide.

Through our sister company ‘Agrico Research BV’ in Holland, Agrico breed new and innovative potato varieties to bring to an ever changing market.

Agrico UK choose varieties that cater for the domestic consumer preference, and that grow well in the UK climate. By working with a carefully selected team of growers on a technical level, we then multiply these varieties up to sell seed potatoes commercially to customers in the table, chipping, crisping and processing industries.

Although a subsidiary of Agrico Holland, a Dutch farmer owned cooperative, Agrico UK operates independently to accommodate for the home market, but has the advantages that come from being part of a larger organisation.

What we do

Potato Breeding

The 23 strong team at our breeding and research company ‘Agrico Research BV’ makes continuous efforts to develop new varieties that are healthier and stronger to meet the needs of growers, consumers and the processing industry. They do this with six professional breeding companies and 35 private growers. It takes more than ten years to develop a new potato variety, by carefully crossing parent plants. Every year we start with 170,000 unique seedlings, and after many years of trials, evaluations and selections, just a handful of new varieties are produced that meet our strict quality requirements.

Multiply potato varieties
Agrico multiply their potatoes over a period of many years to create enough quantity of seed to sell commercially. We do this by working with our officially approved growers through the Seed Potato Classification Scheme (SPCS). All stages of production are to ‘Safe Haven’ and FERA standards.

Assist growers
Throughout the multiplication process and the growing of Agrico varieties, we offer assistance to growers to help them with agronomy advice by our experienced field personnel. Including:

  • Planting

  • Production throughout the growing season

  • During Harvest

  • Storage handling and grading guidance relevant to the market.


Sell Seed Potatoes
Once the multiplication process is completed we market and sell our seed potatoes both conventional and organic to our customers, often through contracted agreements.

Provide After Sales Service
We provide a courteous and efficient after sales service to ensure customer satisfaction is met.

Potato Ambassadors
We also act as ambassadors to the potato industry with a natural commitment to UK seed production.


Our Values

Our aim is to deliver the highest quality seed potatoes to our customers in a reliable and sustainable way. To achieve this we will always listen to our customers and growers, be honest, accessible, friendly and visible. We will always be fair and act with integrity, to create a business everyone can be proud of.


For further information about our company values and operating standards, why not read our Agrico UK Customer Charter.


ISO 26000 Social Responsibility
Agrico UK has undertaken a process of self-assessment under the guidance of the ISO 26000 international standard. Agrico UK Ltd has now integrated the ISO 26000 guidance into its working practices and has used it as a framework within which to identify areas of improvement under the three pillars of social responsibility: the environment, the economy, and society. The self-assessment and self-declaration process will be conducted annually.


Click here to download and view our ISO 26000 Social Responsibility report.